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Apple vs Google Part One

Hi, this is our first part of our new series Google vs Apple hope you enjoy it. First, we will start with Apple's stronghold - iPhones.

If you are looking for the cheaper one, Google is the way to go. It is about $100 cheaper at $699 on the Google store rather than the new iPhone 12, which is $799 on the Apple store. Here is some background info about both phones. The Apple iPhone 12 has 5g support, a sleek look, major camera upgrades, a ceramic shield and great performance. The pixel 5 has a great camera, a 90hz(hertz a frequency that cycles per second) display, a larger and longer battery life, and cool photography tricks. If you want 5g for $100 less then you should go for this phone. Now Apple brought back something from older models - flat squared off edges. And if you are wondering about the colors, it can come in different shades of Blue and many other colors. If you're looking for a phone that you can scroll faster with and that you can refresh at a faster rate, then you would like the Google Pixel 5. If you are all about photography, the Google Pixel 5 has a night mode which can allow you to take pictures in dark areas and also has a feature in portrait where it blurs the background. If you are looking for processor speed, then go with apple it has a faster processor. For battery life there was a test conducted where they streamed videos on both phones until the battery died. Google has a time of 23 hours and 43 minutes whereas Apple's battery life is 17 hours and 14 minutes. That concludes our first part of Apple vs Google.

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