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3 Robots you can program

  1. Dash

This is a robot named Dash. You can program

Dash to do things such as change the colors of the lights make Dash move. This robot comes with different attachments such as a catapult, or a xylophone. But this isn't cheap, Dash costs $149.99. To program Dash you will need to download different apps. If you are wondering about the age suggestion then it is 6+.

Moving on to our second robot.

2. Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Well then here is programmable wand. First you have to assemble the wand then you get on electronics. You download an app that will connect to your wand the you will start to code and once your done coding then you can move your wand in one specific motion and the spell will appear on the screen. The price is a bit cheaper than Dash. The price is $39.99. The youngest person to make it was four oldest was older than 80.

3. SunFounder Crawling Quadruped Robot DIY Kit for ArduinoPart with Nano Board Remote Control

Looking for a challenge to do in quarantine? Well this here is a crawling 4 legged robot with a remote control. You have to first construct this robot then construct the Nano board as the controller to this machine. Then you can finally move this robot around and annoy anyone. But the price is $139.99. If you are wonder the age well lets just say if you have time on your hands and experience you should try this out.

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